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“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's." billy wilder

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Favorite Poem I'm happiest when most away I can bear my soul from it's home of clay On a windy night when the moon is bright And the eye can wander through worlds of light- When I am not and none beside- Nor earth nor sea nor cloudless sky- But only Spirit wandering wide Through infinite immensity ~Emily Bronte..
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Pumping now a days either leaves me light headed or with a headache. No matter how much I drink or eat. Plus I am still not getting nearly as much milk as before I stopped pumping at work. :-/

The baby is also slightly sick. The husband said he had a slight fever, clingy, pulling his hair and crying. He also wouldn’t eat while I was at work. I don’t know what is wrong because no he is sleeping peacefully. Probably the Tylenol he gave him before I came home. Sometimes I wish I had the luxury to stay home.

It will never happen because I’m super paranoid he’ll lose his job or something else happening.


My favorite experience was while I was getting my MBA. The women’s college that I attended for the program - whose undergraduate program specifically catered to non-traditional students and a lot of single parents - had absolutely no facilities for mothers who were breastfeeding or needed to pump.  The bathrooms didn’t have outlets, and my battery pack went AWOL. I ended up pumping in a room off the cafeteria with no lock, back to the door to afford some level of privacy, giving thanks for the fact it was summer session and there was hardly anyone around.  

Those were good times.

Luckily my job has been very understanding.


Can you imagine the conversation though?

Queen: I’m going

Chief of Staff: But, Your Majesty, the security risks…

Queen: I’m going I want cake 

Chief of Staff:


Chief of Staff: 

Queen: I want cake

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Diaper changes have become a nuisance. Toast and turns. Tears and screams. They used to be so easy what changed baby boy? And why must the worst ones be the poopy diapers? I don’t want poop every where.


enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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Gah, your baby is so cute!!

Thank you!